Refer to title.

I want this wiki to start on the right foot by not having EFFING TWO naming standards and residual naming conventions from Hitler parody wiki.

THIS IS NOT HITLER PARODY WIKI. THIS IS THE UNTERGANGER MINECRAFT SERVER WIKI. Give the files justice. Imagine if, in the Inglourious Basterds wiki, every chickenshit file has "IB" prefixed to them. Makes little sense, isn't it? since essentially EVERYTHING IN THE WIKI IS ABOUT INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right. I wouldn't be this mad if there is an easy way of mass-renaming files on mediawiki. Guess what? there isn't. Every single effing misnamed file had to renamed manually, one by one and right now about a third of all files in this wiki has the cursed prefix. I'd rather stop this problem preventive-wise then remedy-wise so please cooperate with the file naming, drop the damned prefix and help me have peace of mind for a day. Sheesh.

This is a special reminder to DictatorAntics nd MisterTalkingMachine.