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• 9/28/2014

A New Start (seen by someone as"stupid" but whatever)

I propose we start a new world, with the old world region files included in a far-away place from spawn for nostalgia sake.

Justification for a server reset:

  1. The old world got a bad spawn point. So much of Unterganger City is desert, and it's a pain to develop this biome as you'd have to manually replace every single sand block on the surface with grass.
  2. The good biomes have been taken by Athyras. If you've done your homework, this place until recently is off-limits to many of us. To add insult to injury, someone's illusion of grandeur left large swaths of these desirable biomes to waste, which most players found an eyesore (and needless additional work to get developed).
  3. The new, exciting 1.7.2 biomes are too far away.
  4. The area around spawn is tbh a mess. Plus we don't have a proper spawn area.

Conditions for the new world:

  1. The world seed include the following close to spawn/origin (~2000-3000 blocks):
    • A mesa biome
    • An icy biome (bonus for icy spikes biome)
    • Plains, forest or other temperate biomes on spawn/origin itself
  2. To address criticism about this plan being called "stupid", include the old world's region files in the new world, but offset its location to a far-enough distance from spawn. Now you can't complain about losing all your "nostalgia".
  3. A nicer-looking spawn, perhaps with a plaza. Probably adopt a grid and plot system for players' builds around spawn.

I already got a good candidate seed for this plan: -4859472873764690177. This has been previewed with AMIDST and it looks very promising. I've yet to actually generate a world with this seed for an assessment.

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• 7/23/2014

Several new promising seeds:

A few new suggested conditions:

  • Pre-generate the world beforehand so that we get the biomes we wanted before they change the terrain generation again. And do it right this time -- center it on (0,0).
  • Put a world border. max extent would be around 3200 blocks from origin(0,0) which will include the biomes set in the condition.
    • Perhaps even start the world with a world border at 500 blocks wide and let it slowly expand to 6400 blocks wide over several months (idea taken from the latest Mindcrack Season 5 world :P )
  • Try and get bukkit to work to reduce dependancy on command blocks (we know how these have wrecked our world several times over). IMO we badly need to set up the following:
    • Permissions system (so that anyone can tour the server as guests and can't grief).
    • Login system.
    • WorldEdit, for obvious reasons.
    • Warps replacing command-block /tps.
• 7/23/2014

In my opinion, this whole idea is, in your words, "stupid". I, altough I am a newer arrival to the server, grew used to it in its current configuration.It has its flaws, but that also is part of the charm.

Also, about the "moving the old region files" Does that mean that the buildings will be moved too?

Plus, "new, exciting 1.7.2 biomes" IDK about the others, but I, personally, don't find them too much of a big deal. Sure, they're impressing, but once you've seen one,you've seen them all.

I hope that this won't sour relations between us too much, but I just had to say it. Just looking at the words "new start" filled me with bile. ~T

• 7/23/2014

Reasons why I oppose this plan:

1. Firstly I do not think a desert is all that bad and you can build nice stuff in a desert biome too, such as a pyramid or sandcastle. As for building in a grass biome, there is still plenty of grassy areas, as can be seen on the render. For instance, I see a reasonablty flat grass area near Weston.

2. Athyras was only off-limits because KT and I wanted to have a good looking city so we did not want everyone to build there, and we in fact, wanted to let you (Faiz) in on the Athyras project because we consider your buildings to be very good. (But then the whole KT conflict started and you can fill in the rest of the story.) Also, if it wasn't for KT's ban much more work could've been done in Athyras and I would not be on my own to finish the big city.

3.I do not find the new biomes a reason to reset the server and place all one year of work far away.

4. You can easily change a spawn area with a simple command. We could for instance, change spawn to the airport to make it look as if new players arrive by plane.

• 7/23/2014

Also, what M said, especially the reasons 1. and 3. ~T

• 7/23/2014

Is KT ever banned? I didn't recall that. Someone else please verify that.

I see everyone else is not the type who can let go of things, even when there's an option to keep everything intact. Sure, deserts can be a good place for builds, but only specifically-themed builds, and I find that restriction...well, restrictive (so I'm clearly not a fan of deserts).

• 7/24/2014
KT isn't banned but after an update everyone had to be whitelisted again and KT is not whitelisted. Nor will he be.
• 7/28/2014

Our settlements are nearly 100% within the chunk error, maybe it's possible to delete everything located further away, so the world regenerates the deleted area with the 1.7.2 generator.

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