Development options for Unterganger City's desert biome

I propose we convert the desert biome north of Southville and west of the river Oder to greenery. With my mad sorcery skillz this can be done in less than half an hour. ;) Exceptions are Saltshore (for obvious reasons) and the Pinhead Jennie Canyon. Area east of the river would not be affected as my Ziggurat fits into the desert biome better. :P

I wanted to build more stuff around my Library but the desert biome is so out of place for my plans. This includes a park around the lake (you definitely don't want to walk in a park with nothing but sand, right? ;) ). There's also some other intervening structures that I wish I can get rid off of the place (read: cloned somewhere else).

Do you guys have any plan for a building around the library that requires the area to be desert? Just to let you know, we got sooooo much more deserts around the server. ;)