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• 10/10/2014

New server coat of arms

With all of the Ibrahim Mat Zin sculptures over the server, I'd probably decide to make a new coat of arms for the server, and through this make Raja Bomoh our server mascot:

New Coat of Arms with Raja Bomoh Black

Logo when placed on black background, which is the one I intend to use for the map item if this is selected as the new logo

New Coat of Arms with Raja Bomoh Stroke

Logo when seen with transparent background.

So, what do you guys think? Are there any ways which I can improve on it? Or if you are interested, you can create your own ideas for the new server coat of arms and then we can hold a poll to see which one is the most suitable.
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• 10/10/2014

I like it. Altough some of the older CoA's elements should be kept, I think this one is funny. It also kinda resembles a butterfly to me.

• 10/21/2014

Like I've previously said, I'll let John and M decide on whether to adopt the new coat of arms. They're paying hard cash for the server after all. :3

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