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• 11/26/2014

Make the daylight/fine weather system subscription (opt-in) only

IDK why some people keep assuming (for more than a year now) everyone would like daylight and clear weather all the time. I've said it countless times that there will be times when one would like to take night-time screenshots. It doesn't help the non-ops that the circuit is built inside spawn, even when the thing broadcasts its location. Not to mention one would have to leave the things they're working on (usually very far away) just to turn it off and then back.

So I suggest that the system be made opt-in. That is, only when those who want it are in the server do the device kick in. This would be done with a scoreboard team. How to:

  1. Create a scoreboard team
  2. Those who want to opt-in join the team
  3. The device check if there's people on the team online (via /testfor @a[team=foobar]) and if the test passes (i.e. there's at least one player on the team online) only then the time of day and weather can be changed.

Please see to it that this gets implemented by those responsible in setting up the current incarnation of the cursed device. Thank you.

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• 11/26/2014

Even more so the other way round but that's beyond what we're trying to achieve. I'm sure no one wants to leave the things they're working on (usually very far away) just to turn it on and back off either. That said, for the convenience of those who despise it, it can go either opt in or out.

Edit: Will add

• 11/26/2014

Either way will work.

There really is no critical need to force eternal daylight to everyone imo. I have recommended many times to just build temporary devices close to where you're building, if you really need them. These two alternatives should have been adopted long ago, but somehow this thing keep cropping up in spawn.

As the person who introduced the device into the server in the first place, I'd very much like that you guys respect and fulfill my wish.

Again, thanks.

• 11/26/2014

It's been implemented. For the logic, it checks for players who are not in the permadaylight_on team and outputs a redstone signal if true.

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