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• 1/31/2015

RT Loop Line Project


For a while I've been thinking that that with the intersection of East branch line and Templer Line at Craivii-Eragoth a loop line is feasible between RCT, Airport, Craivii-Eragoth and Southville along the East, South and Templer Lines.

I've started working on it today. All the stations in and between the places above will undergo renovation to fit the loop line. The main problem is the highly-developed East Line stretch between RCT and KBZ; as there's no room for another set of tracks beside it, nor can the existing stations fit tracks below them, I decided to use the existing Airport Express tracks and platforms will be build on its sides. A new stretch will be built for Airport Express.

Full alignment summary for RT Loop Line:

  • RCT -> Johnston -> KBZ : reuses Airport Express tracks
  • KBZ -> Airport -> C-E : reuses East Line Branch A tracks
  • C-E -> Vzorkic -> Southville : New tracks beside Templer Line
  • Southville -> Spleef -> Temple -> RTC : New tracks under South Line

Station changes:

  • RCT - conversion of existing platforms for Loop Line, new platforms for Airport Express
  • Johnston - New station for Loop Line, rebuilding of South Line stn, possible connection between the two stations
  • KBZ - New platforms on Loop Line tracks with connections to existing station
  • C-E - Change of platform alignment
  • Vzorkic - platform renovation
  • Southville - Opening up the reserved third platform
  • Spleef - Station renovation
  • Temple - renovation

Changes to existing lines:

  • East Line "A" branch (KBZ -> C-E) : ceded to Loop Line
  • East Line "A" branch (C-E -> Eydis) : ceded to Templer Line
  • Airport Express - New track alignment (possibly all-underground)

RT Loop Line proposal
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• 7/19/2015

So, what of it now?

• 7/19/2015

Just completed. There are still some temporary barricades (orange glass panes) on some stations. Just break them when you see them.

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