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• 2/3/2015

Naming the last temples and NPC villages

There are currently 3 pyramids and 2 NPC villages which has not been named (or the names I have not been informed of). If these have definitely been named, please let me know so that I can update the render markers. Otherwise reply to this thread on naming suggestions.

Here's some info of said pyramids/villages:

Codename Location Notes
P1 Outer Southwest, south of the Buried Pyramid Identified as the pyramid MTM named after Johnnomonster, but since I've also named one there are two pyramids named after him. I figure one has to go.
P2 Outer Northeast, northwest from Hareton
P3 Outer Northeast, north from Hareton
V5 Outer South, between Polan Park and Message Board I recalled DA giving a name to this village but can't recall what it is
V6 Outer Northeast, right near the NE corner of the world border

To note, there are still a few Untergangers that, if following MTM's naming traditions, have not given their names to the pyramids. Anyway, any other information and suggestions welcomed.

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• 2/3/2015

I plan on naming P1 after HRP and P2 after Benad, if everyone's okay with it.

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