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• 4/30/2015

Derpy Villagers


Minecraft has added a new feature to versions 1.8 and above.

This feature allows you to transform normal villagers into derpy ones just by throwing a Notch apple at them. All you need to do is place a command block, paste the command in this link: into the command block GUI, then activate the command block with a button. It will spawn a series of command blocks and redstone blocks which will enable the derpy villagers feature.

I've played around with the derpy villagers in my own creative world for a while, and these villagers are pretty interesting. They can only be killed by weapons and potions of harming. Any other thing you do with them (put them in lava, push them off a great height, other potion effects etc) will not kill them. They can even kill nearby zombies with explosions.

Sooo, would anyone like to add this feature into our server? If this is added into our server, it may possibly inspire a lot more builds centering around these derpy villagers. Though we have to consider these few factors if we really do plan to add this into our server:

  • The location to spawn in the command blocks such that it does not obstruct anything, and
  • Measures to be taken to ensure that this series of command blocks will not be griefed by anyone.

What do you guys think?

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• 4/30/2015

Oh well, but those villagers should be constricted to some certain areas and anybody should have a lisence to spawn them, as they could make a very bad noise pollution in major cities. and about the Command Blocks, we should put them in a place underground and bury them so any potential greifer won't be able to figure it out. we should agree on rules and codes for Derpies and add them to the rulebook. ~Z

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