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• 7/16/2015

Great Northern Railway proposal

I've seen and ridden the line to Port Random. I'm a bit disappointed at how it doesn't neatly integrate with the RT system, not even within the Viktoria station itself. Add that with the Steamer Line station next door and Negusville Station further away, that makes it three lines connecting to the North Line in such close proximity - and two of which are ad hoc and so close to each other as to make travel actually slower and cumbersome.

My proposal is to connect the Port Random Line from Viktoria to the North Branch Line in Negusville that leads to Cowville, forming a continuous line from Port Random to Cowville and beyond (to the extreme northeast). This will be the Great Northern Railway. Feel free to offer alternate names though.

I hope to receive approval and cooperation of the owners of Port Random Line and both Viktoria and Steamer Line Stations to make this work.

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• 7/20/2015

Um... okay I guess it can work...? But I don't know if it can integrate with Negusville since it is pretty crowded

I really didn't have permission to connect it at the north line so idk...

Anyways I wanted to just simply get a connection going at the line, so T offered me a small part of his station. I guess that this plan might work though, but idk

• 7/20/2015

Negusville's no problem. Johnston and Saltshore is even more crowded yet I managed to squeeze a new line in. If we have to move the Negusville station, we will.

Also, I more or less manage the whole RT Network so there's no problem with permissions if I'm the one laying out the proposal. I do try and keep existing stations intact if it means anything to anyone but you cannot deny that progress triumphs over sentimentality.

Part of the joy I have in minecart lines is when you can go great distances without stepping out. I believe some of us feel the same, and I want to bring that to others.

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