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• 8/22/2015

Daylight Circuit

So in the recent times a little conflict has spawned, regarding the aforementioned piece of equipment.

From what I can recall we had agreed that we would no longer use the circuit in the spawn (though it has not been made formal in the Rules) and instead have temporary circuits installed when needed, however the circuit in the spawn is still in use.

From chatting with other players I notice that some of them want change on the issue, while others want to keep the circuit unchanged.

I have proposed renewing the circuit (as soon as I can) adding features both to allow players to have night time and make it easier to use. Features of this device as follows:

  • The new circuit would be able to be switched on and off remotely by the MC chat (I still have to investigate how plausible is this)
  • Once switched off, it will wait for one night to pass (or maybe a different number of nights), then it will switch back on automatically.

Hereby I request the opinion of other players on the matter, so we can reach a proper consensus.

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• 8/22/2015
I refer to what I said on chat
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