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• 9/4/2015

Railway Stuff

So first off, I have this new plan for a rail that will go from the pre existing line that connects weston, little saigon and DMT park and extend it to Athyras Central and the planned transportation hub.

This is how it will look like: (sorry for potato quality, not good with editing maps)

New rail

To accomodate the new line, rails will be dug only under the roads of Athyras. One of the Athyras stops at the ACT will be modified for use of this new line

Also, in an unrelated note, I want station space at Viktoria to accomodate a transcontinental line

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• 9/4/2015

Application for station space rejected.

EDIT: Because you seem to think I am against all rail expansion, I'll give my two cents over this.

First: The line proposal from LS to Southville's OK. However I think that the trans hub thing is rather redundant, considering we already got the Southville station near the old proposed site and the Center is by now off-limits, because it is cramped.

Second: It is ACS, NOT ACT. Application for station space over there is rather conditioned: NO breaking the quartz-diorite railyard I set up, but have the line surface near it and come in above ground, like supposed to.

Third: The rejected application is related to Viktoria. It's not even finished by now, and it might take a while to be done with the planned renovations, so I don't want a rail line passing through what may be a row of houses, a factory, and the like. Not to mention that the station wasn't designed with 3 lines in mind, and I don't want to tear it down and rebuild it over this shit. Hope you are satisfied with this response.

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