If you're not with us, don't meddle with us

Let me set the records straight: we are independent from every other Unterganger-affiliated business. The only reason the name “UMS” contains the word “Unterganger” is because we are fellow Untergangers who believe that we have our own things to care, our own opinions to have, and our rights to keep it with us.

When us players join the server, we automatically have the obligation to keep certain things secret because we can. If we wanted to do certain things, then so be it. No one should ever force us to do something that is against our will. I guess you can say that it is defined and engrained in the natural laws of life: we have the liberty to do things simply because we are humans, and if we were to make mistakes, it should be accepted because humans do make mistakes.

Another thing I wanted to set forth is that our beliefs are only our individual opinions. It does not necessarily represent the whole server’s opinion, and if you want to be respectful, then respect our opinions. You have your own opinions, and that’s very much so acceptable, but it is not okay when you’re trying to seek out “penalties” against people who hold a certain opinion– doing so means you’re violating our natural laws.

It should be mentioned that we have not done anything wrong against anyone else outside of the server. It is because we respect other servers by simply not doing anything to them at all. We collectively don’t even have the interests of going outside of the server and denounce them; and if some of us do get outside, it is simply to recruit and join the server.

Now that I have set forth why we are rightfully just, it’s time to address HRP and his chat.

The actions taken by HRP and his partner, mainly pressuring many of mutual members of his and ours to leak the conversations from us. Now this presents a good question: why? Why do it in the first place? I must assume that since many reported to me how the moderators and HRP himself pressured members, they didn’t say, “How’s the server over there?” but rather “What bad things did they say about us?” This only shows that HRP and his cronies are paranoid about how the world views them. The situation gets worse: HRP is even pressuring many into leaking information from other chats that he deems “anti-HRP.”

This only shows that HRP cannot take criticisms, and he has successfully bought many from his fanbase and his partner into his side.

Maybe he can’t take criticism because the way we word our views on his parodies might be a bit too negative, so let me say something that he might be able to listen:

Your parodies are okay and maybe watchable for many beginners, and to be frank with you, you were my first inspiration that led me into creating parodies during when I was active, but there’s a reason why I fell out of the business: Downfall parodies are cookie-cutter videos that only serves to attract popularity. Many others have circumvented this issue by making the parodies even more creative, like with the use of special effects (I tried this and I quite enjoyed it), or the creations of so-called “DPMVs” (which I also tried but did not work so well). For you, unfortunately, many of your videos does not use these creative things, and as such, many of us found your parodies are boring.

Obviously, this is an article individually written by me, from a name most of HRP fanatics have never heard of before; however my sentiments are shared among many people from UMS, and indeed, from many other servers.

And if you want to refute this, sure, go ahead. It’s your opinion after all.

But we aren’t going to care, because it’s your opinion. You’re going to take us seriously, however.