UMS Flyer

The Flyer

The Flyer is a small sculpture built by MTM depicting the pioneer airplane, the Flyer III (Probably MTM's favourite aircraft), on it's experimental version of 1905, which was designed by the Wright Brothers, based on the original from 1903.

It is located on top of a small desert hill next to the Unterganger City public library.

It was built on March 24, 2014.

The Flyer III of 1905

Flyer III

The Flyer III in October 1905

Since 1903 the Wright brothers had been researching and improving their original design, mostly looking for a less unstable and safer flight, since they already had a couple accidents with earlier versions; including a serious one Orville had on this very same plane, before being modified.

They found the solution on enlarging the rudder and elevator (to about twice their original size), and placing them at about two times the original distance from the wings. After this modifications it became  a relatively safe plane, being able to fly distances up to 40 kilometers.

The Flyer III has been rebuilt and is now on display at the Smithsonian.

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