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General Information
Minecraft Name AlphaSkyRaider
Unterganger Name Delphox
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Nationality Canadian

AlphaSkyRaider (Youtube name: Delphox, previously Charizard, AlphaSkyRaider) is a player on the Unterganger Minecraft Server. His name is often abbreviated to Alpha.

AlphaSkyRaider is known for his tendency to build huge skyscrapers. For this he has been mocked, mainly by Fegelein1906, claiming the large buildings are a compensation for something he "lacks". His skyscrapers include the One World Trade Center (1 WTC) the Pokemon Tower, and a bunch of others. He has also built a town called Old Newport alongside QuestionTuesdayFTW, the district of Newport with Nerdington, Espino Jungle with DrewEsp and the city of Morioh with Gamingmaster000.


  • He is known to troll AFK players by trapping them in a lavabox or digging them down the void.
  • He likes to help other people to build more than building his own builds.
  • He likes to generally troll players, especially formerly KrebsLovesFiesh because he wants to see his reaction.
  • He was awarded a MasterBasters subscription on the day the Kovansberg branch opened for business.