Altholz is an NPC town in Canabai, located between City of Canabai and Levanski. The town was found by Molster in 11 March, 2014. In between the found date and the West Expansion of Canabai in mid-2017, the town was largely untouched, with exception of the Southwest Railway built to it to connect neighboring towns and pyramids. Now, the town is either the second largest or the largest NPC town in Canabai, only behind Kovansberg.


The town was originally called either Peridot or Altholz. On the Southwest Railway map, Molster named the town Peridot, but on the old SWRW station, the town was named Altholz. During the West Expansion, Nerdie did not know both names and proceeded to call it Gaxington. One year later however, Ugultu found the Altholz name and Nerdie decided to changed the name.

When the West Expansion happened, the town got a tennis country club addition, with 6 tennis courts occupying most of the town's land. However, during mid-2018, NerdieSanders decided to remove the country club and start expanding the town to increase population and organization, and also build a tennis complex to compete with the Wilhelm Kemp Tennis Complex that he built earlier.

During August 2018, Kimilil, with help from Nerdie, upgraded the station of the town. Afterwards, the George Miller Irrigation Scheme was completed to the east of town, greatly increasing grain output and making Altholz the largest grain producer of the country.

Altholz is also the site of building the upgrades for the Teleporter Station. The prototype can still be seen floating high above the town.


Within the town center, the streets are narrow and off-limits to motor vehicles. However, there is a metalled road to the west of the town center for vehicles, and some parking bays. The town is very well connected, with roads connecting it with Levanski to the northwest, Weston to the northeast, Canabai City to the east and Orpiment to the south. However, the road to Canabai City passes through area owned by the Flamingo Institute and vehicle and time restriction applies, in which case a detour via the Altholz-Weston road is required.

Altholz is also well connected via rail. Four CNR services are available at the new station building:

  • Peridot Line - connects with Levanski and Weston, where through service with RT Templer Line is possible
  • Icarus Line - connects with Levanski and Canabai City. Both local and express services stop here
  • Aquileia Line - begins on this station and passes through the Terra Aquileia National Park towards Orpiment


The Altholz City Council currently has 5 councillor, 4 from Green Party and 1 from Agrarian Party. Historically, the Agrarian Party dominated the council by 3-2.

On the national scale, Altholz has 12 MPs to be sent to the Parliament. In the last August 2018 election, the Green Party won 5 seats, Agrarian Party won 3 seats, and both Social Democrats and National Coalition won 2 seats each.