American Girl Place
AG Place front quarter
Front quarter view of the American Girl Place in the server.
General Information
Construction started 2? April 2014
Completed on 28 April 2014
Architecture Modern
Location Unterganger City
Built by KitKittredge

The American Girl Place is a store building built by KitKittredge with help from Molster and procrastinator. While not exactly based on a particular branch, the store is patterned after the real-life American Girl Place stores where products from the said company can be purchased.

In lieu of dolls, Steve heads were used to populate the shelves, and Kit planned on having some purpose-built custom content to be loaded, i.e. Minecraft-esque recreations of dolls and their boxes, as well as a proper signage on the front, although only the latter was done due to complications on loading custom models in multiplayer.