Athyras Parliament is the parliament building of Athyras. It is situated in the governmental district of the city next to the Prismarine State Bank of Athyras and across from Athyras Central Station.

The building is largely inspired by the Knesset in Israel. Currently Athyras Parliament is still under construction and it is being built by Fegelein1906.


The plot reserved for the parliament has been empty for over a year. For a long time there had been plans for a parliament building, but there never were any good ideas on how it should look like. This changed during the Second Athyras Building Boom of 2015.

Election plans

Fegelein1906 counted the seats in his parliament and concluded that there are 80 seats. He came up with an idea to allocate the seats of parliament to fictional parties the regular players of the server can come up with. Using a poll tool it will be determined who gets the most votes and who the least.

There currently are 9 parties.


  • The building has a metal detector system that deletes all weaponry upon entrance. This sparked an incident in which Fegelein1906 accidentally deleted Tudor's weapons.