Athyras State Building
Athyras St. building
The old fashioned building near other towers.
General Information
Construction started 26 (?) August 2014
Completed on 30 August 2014
Architecture Art Deco
Dimensions 192½ blocks high, base 25x25
Coordinates -107, 64, 509
Location Athyras
Built by MTM

Athyras State building is a skyscraper built by MTM , with help and support from Tudor.

The building

The building is located in Athyras in front of the Unity Tower and a currently work in progress building by Molster. It's built on a 1930's Art Deco style, with a height of 192½ blocks, it was the tallest building in the server along with AlphaSkyRaider's One World Trade Center. However, it was surpassed by Alpha's Pokemon Tower after almost a year after it was built.

Construction took several hours distributed in a few days due to lack of time. It's a 26 story building, plus it's spire.

Unlike most skyscrapers on the server, this one has plenty of different materials and details, (like separate windows) in contrast with others such as the Unity Tower, which are composed of big surfaces and simple shapes of little types of blocks (blue glass on said case).

The skyscrapper is not based on any building in particular, as MTM came with the design as he built it. It's design is slightly reminiscent of the Victor Building though. Tudor helped out by laying some floors, but extreme lag impeded him from providing more help (as he wasn't on his normal connection at the time) , but he suggested the name, it being a reference to the Empire State Building.