August 2018 was a critical month for the server as it suffers a couple of downtimes. One was caused by extensive griefing, the other was caused by corrupted server files on the host.

Black August 13 Raids

See Summer 2018 Drama.

The Day of Limbo and Region Error

The corruption episode occurred on 30 August. The host had rolled out a critical update to its machines on 28 August but players on the UMS reported major lag after the update. Server owner NerdieSanders and former owner RDPIsOnCrack decided to take a look into the server. They also took down the map render in the process to fix other problems.

On 30 August, Ugultu entered the server and, finding that the /trigger teleport system aren't working, investigated by going back to the command block room only to find that whole regions in the center of the world, including Unterganger City, have been corrupted, with 1.12 terrain generated in its place. This led to temporary server closure on August 31st, 2018.

On September 1st, 2018, the render is now online. Ugultu and NerdieSanders found out that the error extends not just in Unterganger City, but the error stretches from south of the old chunk error borders and all the way north, wiping Viktoria, Buntington, Pasanauri, and partially many other towns in the process. Later in the day, it was revealed that during the process of reuploading the world, RDP's internet "crapped out" and the region files were unsuccessfully uploaded, which caused the Region Error.

It was also revealed that the Limbo was not linked with the critical update released by the host, but rather someone else hacked into the server with brute force, and even denied both RDP and Nerdie accessing the server files. RDP inferred that these people were just some people who tried to hack into the server to see if they have any valuable information that they can steal. After this, RDP uploaded the missing region files and brought the server back online.