The Baldic Sea is the nearest ocean biome to Unterganger City; the closest shore is located north-north-west from the latter. It is roughly rectangular in shape and leans about 45 degrees counter-clockwise.

The Village of Luminosity, Saltshore, Buntington and Pasanauri are built on its shores.

The name is a play on Baltic Sea, where the "bald" factor comes from a parody made by mfaizsyahmi (Molster).


The sea is bounded to the north (the long side of the rectangle) by a desert, plains and taiga biomes. To the east is a hill biome. To the west (short side and half of the long side of the rectangle) is a jungle biome and to the south is a desert biome. Half of the jungle biome has been replaced with mega taiga and is designated as the Slender Forest National Park.

The River Oder empties into the sea on the southern shore. A short, currently unnamed river empties into its northern portion.

The shorelines are relatively straight on many sides. There are a few gulfs on the north-west and west sides of the sea, all of which are unnamed.

There is only one island on this sea, known as the Daily Shom Island. It is a low sand bank developed into a city for pigs, which has since been dismantled.


Many settlements have been built on its shore. Molster's private beach property, at the northern edge of the Unterganger City was one of the first settlements. Next to it is the Victor Building; the back portion of it faces the sea at its north-eastern corner. Further south-east is the Village of Luminosity with its lighthouse and port; the port is the City's main (and only) port on this sea's shore. South-eastward still is Saltshore, built on the western bank of the River Oder's estuary.

The Pontifex Bridge (and its predecessor) crosses the Baldic Sea, linking the City to the northern regions while also dividing the sea into two roughly equal-sized portions. Pasanauri is built on the sea's northern shore next to the bridge's northern end. Westwards from Pasanauri, Molster built Buntington. Nerdington also built an underwater town, Baldaqua in the sea.

The only island on the sea, the Daily Shom Island, is developed into a city for pigs. It once housed the infamous "Der Daily Shom" contraption, moved there after complains of "shomronons" infesting the City. The contraption has since been dismantled following a new rule regulating mob spawning. Later on, the "pig city" located on the island has been dismantled too, the island remaining barren for a time, until Tudor decided to turn it into a "3D surrealist picture", with things such as a tree made out of ice and bookcases, a beach made of melons, a stained glass "eye" and so on.


Baldic Sea iso

Isometric panorama of the sea. North is pointed at upper left.