The Block Vanishing Event refers to the occurrence of certain blocks disappearing from the world on a certain areas around late February 2014. It mostly affected the two cities where most structures were, but whether this happened elsewhere is unknown. This event is highly related to the Rogue Chunk Event and it's speculated that both happened simultaneously.

It was noticeable that the disappearance of stained glass panes was a located event and didn't happen everywhere due to the way they disappeared on MTM's Victor building: They only disappeared on half of the building, removing 3 out of 4 of the HMV windows on its tower, leaving the one facing east intact, and drawing a line going aligned to the Z axis at around X=142. This line also seems to be surprisingly aligned with the line that cut Molster's cenotaph out of existence. All damaged buildings seem to be to the west side of this line, while there's no known damage to the east of this edge.

Changes to the world in this event include:

  • All stained glass panes disappear
  • Most dark oak stairs disappeared
  • Plants in flower pots changed

Molster was the player most affected by this event, as he uses dark oak stairs extensively in his builds, including:

Other buildings with stained glass panes affected:

Almost all of these damages had since been repaired by hand.