Pregnancy Through Idiocy
Aerial view of the town
Buntington arms
Coat of arms of Buntington
General Information
Name Buntington
Architecture Tudor
Region Inner North
Transit N3 Pasanauri/Buntington
Mayor Molster

Buntington is a WIP coastal town by Molster, built on the opposite side of the North Line from Tudor's Pasanauri. The architectural style is [mock] Tudor (not to be confused with the player Tudor).

The name is a play on Scottish Hamilton - "hamil" meaning "pregnant" in Malay, and "bunting" being its synonym. Alternative names include Pregnanton. The town motto makes it clear: "Pregnancy Through Idiocy". The Coat of arms closely resemble that of the English town of Bridlington.

Molster is the Mayor of Buntington.

Places of interest

Town Hall
The first building built, it features a unique spire, a meeting hall downstairs and the Mayor's office upstairs.
Also unique to Buntington, it's built into a natural crater.
Contains a constable's post and a couple of cells downstairs, and the Sheriff's office upstairs.
Working the lever actually works! Unless somebody else griefed it. There's one in the town square, and one further north.
The Red Amor
A typical seaside tavern and lodging for seafarers.
Market ground
Gun battery
Built facing the Baldic Sea, It also where the flagstaff for the large flag of the town is rooted.
Shop lots
Sells staple items downstairs with living quarters for the keepers upstairs.
Common pasture
Shared land for cattle to graze.
Mercantile Guild



  • The area of what eventually became Buntington was reserved by Molster as a counterpart of Pentos (now Pasanauri) on the other side of the North Line.
    • Originally Molster planned on building a flagstaff row of the national flags of the players on the server as an alternative to the periphery of DA's Castle which was already crowded with flags, an idea brought over to the plaza near the Spleef arena.
    • Molster also at one time planned the area for a monument to muslim scientists of the Islamic Golden Age but never follow through with the idea.
  • Molster limits building height to two storeys so that the view from the town hall spire wouldn't be blocked by roofs. This required considerable rework on the tavern's roofs as the building is both wide and close to the town hall building.
  • Jennie and DictatorAntics are both listed as wanted by the Constabulary, for an unspecified reason.
    • On the other hand, one of the cells was reserved for MTM, either by himself or someone else.
  • As part of the gag involving pregnancy, a maternal hospital has been considered to constitute part or even the whole of Buntington, but was ultimately dropped.