Canabai is a western country in Sector 5, founded by NerdieSanders. Canabai is bordered by Port Random to the north, Athyras and the Giggitee Sea to the east, and the West Sea to the west. Its capital is City of Canabai, while the largest city is Port Random

Canabai originally started as an independent sport complex for the server, until the nearby Little Saigon's communist government was overthrown, and Canabai annexed Little Saigon, kickstarting the great expansion of the City, which was mostly southward. Canabai remained as a city-state until Nerdie expanded the territory westward to the West Sea, creating Levanski, and changing the status of Canabai to a country. 

Canabai saw itself as a big influence in the server from its early beginnings, and thanks to NerdieSanders' WorldEdit privilege, Canabai was able to grow and expand so quickly. Foreign-affairs wise, Canabai used to sided itself with Port Random and Newport, and against Athyras and Viktoria; however Canabai has since normalized its relationships, especially with Viktoria and its creator, Tudor. During the newcomer wave of 2018, Canabai has tried to introduce a certain degree of aesthetics to them (with unsuccessful efforts), and now the state tries to focus itself instead and have smaller projects outside, with the exception of the Wilhelm Kemp Tennis Complex in Sanostonburg


The name Canabai can be traced all the way back to the creation of Canabai Sport Complex. When Nerdie built the Ice Rink in the desert, he asked Fegelein1906 for a suggestion to name the ice rink. He came up with Canabai, a combination of Canada and Dubai. The name was also given to the sport complex itself and later on, the city.


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Canabai is a federal representative democratic republic. The Prime Minister, Sam Jarovy, is the head of government and exercises executive power through their Cabinet.

Canabai voting map 01

Legislative power is vested in the Parliament, which consists of 218 members of Parliament (MPs). MPs are elected via the single transferable voting system in 12 voting districts which follows closely with towns and cities boundaries, and each district is represented by 2 to 59 MPs. The 4 largest voting districts—Canabai City, Levanski, Newport, and Kovansberg—are further divided into sub-voting districts which closely follows the cities' district boundaries, and ranges from 1 to 23 MPs. There is one non-voting district in which there is virtually no inhabitants.

Judicial power lays in the Supreme Court, which contains 5 supreme justices, and lower federal courts, which has two federal judge each.