Canabai Skytree
Canabai Skytree 2
Canabai Skytree, viewed from Canabai Palace Garden
General Information
Inspired by Tokyo Skytree
Architecture Modern
Coordinates -934, 64, 1414
Location South Canabai
Built by AlphaSkyRaider
The Canabai Skytree is a radio and observation tower built by AlphaSkyRaider in South Canabai. It resembles the Tokyo Skytree in real life and is one of the tallest structure in the city, tied with One World Trade Center.


  • The Skytree was originally built right next to the Canabai Palace Station. NerdieSanders, then mayor of Canabai, realizes that he can put the tower in line with the 1.9 Plaza and the Palace Garden. He then moved the spiral structure from the place to the Main Square, and move the Skytree to the current location.
  • Nerdie instructed Alpha to not build anything higher than the nearby One WTC's spire; Alpha ignored the instruction and the Skytree reached the building limit of Minecraft, thus violating the building code.