New Cenotaph

The cenotaph in its current position

The Cenotaph located beside DA's Castle is built by Molster to commemorate the loss of East Village and its occupants. The design is based off the cenotaph in Kuala Lumpur.


Old Cenotaph

The cenotaph in its original position before the Rogue Chunk Event

In early December 2013, on procrastinator's request, Fegelein1906 edited the server world in MCEdit and flattened the area around East Village. Molster first built the Procrastocaust Memorial to commemorate the loss. Sometime later, Molster speculated from old maps that there had been a village flattened in Athyras as well (this later turned out to be a pyramid) and decided to build the Cenotaph. This was completed in late January 2014. The site chosen was in Turkish Street near the Procrastocaust Memorial.

In the first couple of weeks after the server recovered from the First Server Downtime, the mysterious Rogue Chunk Event happened. The chunk where the Cenotaph was reverted to nature. In response, Molster rebuilt the cenotaph using the same design, using this opportunity to place the structure in a more prominent position where it stands today (albeit still in the same chunk that reverted).

KL Cenotaph

The cenotaph in Kuala Lumpur

The Cenotaph was based off the one in Kuala Lumpur, which is different enough from the more widespread design of the one in London (and its close copies elsewhere around the world).