The Cougar Line is partially finished railway line built by ParrotAntics and Ugultu, and is under maintenance of Redstone Railway Company. The line serves as regional connector between Tagor (LML/FML station) and Strasburger (FWEL station), although an extension to Woodland Mansion on the south is planned.


Construction of the line began on June 16th, 2018, right with reconstruction of Tagor railway station (formerly Dolfy's Fields, the fifth station of LML railway). The tracks of the line were shifted underground, station's ground building was adapted as waitroom, and 2 two-edged and two single-edged platforms were built. Two of track guides - middle and western - were equipped with catenaries. The next step, construction of the line, began on June 18th, 2018, with finishing the western head of Strasburger station, right with building 3 viaducts. First of them was adapted for Cougar, second for Far West Express - the main line for the station, and third was back then unoccupied, now it serves Snow Leopard Line. The first section to be completed was a section from Strasburger, it was finished on June 21st, 2018, alongside with construction of a station. Second section to be finished was made south of Tagor, on June 22nd, 2018, also with a pass-through station. The construction of the subsequent section occured between June 22nd and June 24th, 2018, also that day the catenary system was completed on all way between Tagor and Strasburger. On July 6th, 2018, a section between Tagor and Tagor West stations was built. In October it was rerouted as the Tagor West station was moved and expanded.


The line was build with the standards of FWE line: a pair of tracks is laid on gravel path with a stonebrick middle for setting redstone torches and catenaries. Elevations are made through 3-block wide viaducts set on cross-shaped pillars. The railway runs through some tunnels, mostly made of stone and dirt, but the exit tunnel of Tagor Main station is covered in yellow and brown concrete to form feline's fur pattern, giving the name for the line.


Code Name Co-ordinates (X - Z axis) Type Status Notes
CG 1 Tagor West Terminus/Interchange Operational Interchange with Eston Rocket line and RT East and Templer lines.
CG 2 Tagor Main Interchange Operational Interchange with LML and FML.
CG 3 Lake Turnip Pass-through Operational
CG 4 Thicket Pass-through Operational
CG 5 Strasburger Interchange Operational Interchange with FWEL and Snow Leopard Line.
Number of stations on following section is about to be defined
N/A Woodland Mansion Terminus To be constructed


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