The Cow spawning incident is an event that lead to major slowdown of the server on May 12th, 2018 in the area of Dorklich International Airport.


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After clearing the area of the machines, Tudor organized a trial in Athyras Court. During the trial, only ParrotAntics (as witness) and Ugultu (as suspect) gave their testimonies while being inside the courthouse, AlphaSkyRaider gave his speech via Discord chatting program. On May 13th, 2018, the court found AlphaSkyRaider, KrebsLovesFiesh, ParrotAntics and Ugultu guilty of causing the incident and sentenced them to place minimum 100 signs with an apology in desired spot of Port Random while being on survival game mode. ParrotAntics found the verdict unfair, as he volunteered to testify as witness, not a suspect in the case, yet he accepted it. The sentence's fulfillment required unlocking drops, that were locked on the server.