DA's Castle is Fegelein1906's main base in the server world, located in Unterganger City. It's constructed out of sandstone, with walls, watch towers, and a water-filled moat surrounding it. As founder and former owner of the server, Fegelein1906 had flags (mainly of the origin country of the players on the server) built around his castle. DA is from Fegelein1906's YouTube and Unterganger name DictatorAntics.

The castle was vandalized on the first day after the First Server Downtime was resolved, when new players were let in the server. In efforts to restore the building, the structure is now in its previous condition but the interior is yet to be reconstructed. Fegelein1906 said he will leave the castle in its current condition as a warning not to trust new players.

On 1 December 2014, the castle is repurposed as the new spawn, abandoning the old claustrophobic Rules Room and replaced with a written book with rules and commands.