Daily Shom BE

A bird's eye view of the Daily Shom Island

The Daily Shom Island (also nicknamed Little Israel) is an island to the south of the Village of Luminosity. It was first claimed by procrastinator but MTM later repurposed it for his pig spawning mechanism, The Daily Shom, which spawned a pig every sunrise, hence its name. 

Somewhat a mockery of the zionist community and the state of Israel in general, it featured it's citizens -the pigs- as being surrounded by luxury and wealth. Also featuring zionist propaganda, mass destruction weapons and a pile of skulls of dead Palestinians.

The island was cleared as of July 2014, the mechanism dismantled and the pigs exterminated.

After a time of the island being barren, tudor decided to do something with it, turning it into a "3D surrealist painting", building things such as a jungle  tree with all the wood replaced with ice, and the leaves turned into bookcases, a beach being replaced with melons, a glass Illuminati eye, and so on. These have been standing there ever since.