Deepwood Motte
Deepwood Motte
Aerial view of the town
Coat of Arms of Deepwood Motte
Coat of arms of Deepwood Motte
General Information
Name Deepwood Motte
Architecture Medieval
Transit S4 Southville
Mayor Hans_Krebs


Deepwood Motte is a medieval-themed walled settlement built chiefly by Hans_Krebs around a small frozen lake in a taiga biome just south of Southville. Deepwood Motte is inspired by the homonymous town Deepwood Motte in the fictional world of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, a settlement also situated in a snowy forest.

Coat of Arms and Motto

The Town of Deepwood Motte has on its Coat of Arms a white eagle on a yellow cross, which represents the city's nordic and christian heritage, its richest treasure and legacy. The motto "Out in the cold" reveals the fate of those who try to sack and loot this town.


Deepwood Motte used to be a small trading city in the past, often working as an outpost between the City of Athyras and the pyramids in the south. It was served by the South Line of the Rail Transit Network via a siding station, however, in 2014, the South Line was redirected and the station closed. This left the city's economy in a declining state. Aside from the small shops that used to work in that area, Deepwood Motte contains houses, a watchtower, a church and a wooden wall lacking maintenance. Perhaps the city's greatest defence against the barbarian hordes is now only its very cold climate.