This article is about the Dorklich International Airport, the now-demolished airport located in Dorklich. For other airports on the server, see Airport (disambiguation).

Dorklich International Airport (Official code: DKL Informal Abbreviation: DIA) was a large infrastructure building located in Dorklich. The idea for the airport was suggested by KrebsLovesFiesh and the site was picked by him, also known as Chicktato (Dorklich's former downtown). Other players who worked on the airport include Ugultu, ParrotAntics and AlphaSkyRaider.

Structures that constitute the airport included the runway, the control tower, the terminal building, 4 hangars, Customs and Immigration Office, and a railway station that provided railway links to Dorklich, Eston Post and Sanostonburg.

There weren't any aircrafts located in the airport due to it's impractical size, however, there was a plane flying above downtown Dorklich near the observatory tower.


Work first started with land filling. The first structure built was the runway (which was used to float on Shenanigan Ocean). Other structures built included the Customs and Immigration Office by KrebsLovesFiesh.

Work then started on the terminal building, control tower, hangars and taxiway. Airport got completed in 12th May, 2018.

It was demolished as a part of Dorklich regeneration / Falkenheim Uprising in 12th Oct, 2018.


  • The cow-spawning incident which led the server to an unexpectedly high amount of server resources; namely the RAM which greatlly infuriated RDPIsOnCrack happened at roughly the location in the picture on May 12th, 2018. After the incident, AlphaSkyRaider, Ugultu and ParrotAntics got sentenced in court of Athyras.