E Republic (sometimes known by the pseudonym Neo & The Flaw) are a band from Sanostonburg who formed in November 2016 and gained fame in Summer 2018 from a parody song about Neo and the Summer 2018 Drama.


Delphox, Jono & QT met at University in September 2012 when they were all 18 and formed a band to entertain their roommates. In September 2014, QT invited his friend from a music forum, Ugu to join them and they started playing local bars & clubs, although Ugu barely participated due to taking university in Morioh. Jono invited his old friend's younger cousin, Gaker, in June 2016, before the trio graduated and went to STB to get jobs to support the creation of a band.

E Republic officially formed on the 8th of November 2016 after Delphox, Jono and QT left Newport University. Ugu was still at Morioh University and Gaker was working at his father's Kesselring Dealership. They gained modest success, enough so that they could all quit their jobs in 2017. Ugu rejoined in June of 2018 after graduating and Gaker joined at around the same time after he finished high school, continuing to play in small clubs & bars.

In Summer 2018, after finding out about the antics of Zion mayor, Neo, Delphox & Jono both had the idea to write 2 songs about him, with one being a parody. Their parody, Banned Me Now became popular online after being posted to Reddit. Their 2nd song, Let It Go became a hit, debuting at #69 on the charts, eventually reaching number 1 and staying there for 7 weeks.

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