The East Line is the second of nine lines under the Rail Transit Network. The line connects the center of Unterganger City via RT Central, Luminosity, Saltshore, and Sallosh in the center of the server to Eston Post, Eston International, Saint Piggersburg, Nogaybak, and Tagor to the west at Region 56.

The line consists of a main double track line. Previously, it used to have branch lines to the Unterganger City Airport and the Tower of Mabula, but was since removed as the former got integrated into the L Loop Line and the latter was reclassified as an independent connecting line.

The line runs parallel with the Loop Line at RT Central, Luminosity (Johnston) and Saltshore. Ii interchanges with the CE Outer Line at East Cross. At Eston International, it interchanges with most lines operated by Redstone Railway Company in the region. The last station on the East Line is at Tagor West Station, where it interchanges with another two RRC lines, and it continues as the T Templer Line heading towards Weston. Similarly, the line at RT Central is continuous with the W West Line.


RT East diagram

Line diagram with stations


Stations on this line:

Code Name Platform/Type Interchanges/Notes
E1 RT Central Terminus/Side Interchange to UC Subway; RTN South Line, North Line, West Line, Loop Line and the Airport Express Line
Johnston (Village of Luminosity Side Station originally built by procrastinator
Interchange with Loop Line
KakashiBallZ Pyramid / Saltshore Side Interchange with Loop Line
E4 Sallosh Single
E5 Riviera Single
E6 mfaizsyahmi Temple Single Interchange with the funicular to Tower of Mabula
- Brooke Lodge Halt - Request stop
E7 RBC56 Pyramid Single
E8 CE3 East Cross Single Interchange with RT Outer Line
E9 Eston Post Single
Eston International Side Interchange with Redstone Railway Company network
Saint Piggersburg Side
E12 Nogaybak Single
Tagor West Terminus/Island Interchange with Redstone Railway Company network. Line continues into Templer Line.


The East Line is the second line under RT. Originally providing direct connection to former East Village from the UCS and and later extended with two branch lines, the line now consists of a single main line terminating at Tagor West station.

All stretches of this line were laid by Molster.

On September 2018, plans were in place to extend the East Line to Tagor, and a station was built at Eston International, where other rail operators can take players into the Eastern Bloc. Following completion of said station and re-generation of Eston Post, kimilil used the opportunity to accelerate the double-tracking project to the majority of the line eastwards from mfaizsyahmi temple to Saint Piggersburg, and then extend to terminus at Tagor. The remaining branch line to the Tower of Mabula has been de-gazetted and re-classified as mountain railway; now existing independent and separate from the RTN.

On October 12th, 2018 kimilil and ParrotAntics started making new section from Nogaybak to Tagor West station, and on October 13th the station was completed by ParrotAntics and Ugultu, and kimilil rebuilt the section from Saint Piggersburg to Nogaybak. The construction of Tagor West station allowed the line to switch into different line, at the same platform is planned to merge Templer Line with existing infrastructure.


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