East Village is the name given to the now-demolished desert NPC village to the east of the Unterganger City. It was the closest NPC village to the spawn point, and was visible from the distance.

The East Village with all its occupants was deleted off the map when Fegelein1906 flattened the area with MCEdit to make way for what is now procrastinator's Village of Luminosity and Hans_Krebs' Saltshore. A Procrastocaust Memorial and the Cenotaph were erected by Molster in memory of the perished villagers.

Possible glitch

It is speculated that the village was actually two villages generated in the same area. Evidence of this glitch include the lack of naturally-generated wells, discontinuous road network and two buildings being cut in half.

The analysis below was conducted by generating a world with the same seed.

East Village 2

The above screenshot shows a birds-eye view of the village. The barely visible sandstone roads has been marked with redstone. Notice that there are two separate road networks, and none are connected to any village well which are altogether absent. Both road networks seem to lead to the area where buildings were cut off in half (top part of the picture).

East Village 1

A library house and a small house being cut off.