The Eat-O-Matic meat dispenser is Molster's first contraption on the Unterganger Minecraft Server. It serves freshly-cooked steak, porkchop and chicken with a press of a button. The cooking process, which lasted under 6 seconds, can be observed from a glass panel, while the redstone circuitry is hidden inside the building.

Following this contraption's completion, procrastinator eventually removed the nearby furnace building (used to cook mobs alive) citing Molster's contraption as doing the same thing more efficiently.


Inside the main cooking column (with the glass front) there are 5 dispensers. Three are arranged in an upper-tier above the other two. The three upper-tier dispensers contain each a spawn egg (for chicken, cow and pig) and the lower ones contain each a flint and steel and a bucket of lava. A hopper is placed underneath the column, pointing at a dispenser at the front of the machine.

When a button is pressed, it first and foremost sends a redstone signal to the upper-tier dispenser containing the corresponding spawn egg. Then, depending on the mob, a redstone signal is sent to either the lava (to cook cows and pigs) or flint and steel (to cook chicken) dispenser. A slight delay in the lava dispensing circuit scoops back the lava before it kills the mob. The end result is the mob spawning in front of the upper-tier dispenser and drops down the bottom of the column only to be set on fire by lava or fire.

The resulting mob drops enter the bottom hopper which then pushes the items to the front dispenser. All three buttons are hooked up to a delayed circuit that turns on a rapid pulser hooked to the dispenser, dispensing the drops in front of the machine.


  • The contraption has signs beside the glass windows claiming it is "Jennie Approved" as well as map items containing her YouTube avatar; it is a joke reference to JennieParker87's disapproval of eating meat.


  • Mobs sometimes do not drop their meat. Additionally cows may drop leather and chicken may drop feather. Sometimes the fire will consume the dropped meats, leaving you with the leather or feather or, worse, nothing at all.