Ebolaville, initially known as Sulina and then as Serpent's Wake, is a town on the Unterganger Minecraft Server, built by Tudor.

It was built around April 2014, when Tudor was wandering in the East Region and saw a island in a river near Eston Post. Being reminded of the Black Sea island of Snake Island, Tudor decided to build a small town on the island.

Initially, he called it Sulina, after a town in the Danube Delta. However, Tudor decided it was too small, and renamed it to Serpent's Wake.

The town features a small dock, some houses, and a small temple.

After its completion, the town was abandoned for months. Tudor decided to pay it a visit again in November 2014, when he added to the town some slabs and cobwebs to give it an "advanced dilapidation" feel. Seeing that the flag was similar to the flag of Sierra Leone, he decided to rename it Ebolaville, in light of the recent ebola epidemic in the said state (and West Africa in general)


  • Ebolaville is the easternmost (and probably smallest) town in the UMS.