The Eston Rocket (shortly ER) is a local railway line operated by Redstone Railway Company Central division, leading from Eston Post to Garmasch-Cattlekirchen.


The first trace of the line was set on April-May 2018 by KrebsLovesFiesh, who decided to make a shuttle line between Eston Post and Tagor. The line, back then described as Eston-Tagor Shuttle (shorlty ET) was built in well known manner of floating redstone blocks. It's terminus was a stop of Tagor tram system, also built by KrebsLovesFiesh, near the golf area.

In June 25th, 2018, after construction of seventh station of Far West Express Line in Blackmonville, ParrotAntics decided to build a local railway that would lead from Eston Post to the newly built station and even further. He began the construction of the new 2-track line in the style of FWE line. The first section to be done was a section between Blackmonville and ER-3 Waitton station, completed on June 26th, 2018. On June 27th, 2018. ParrotAntics guided a second section, from Eston Post to Tagor, building an FWE-stylised viaduct from Eston Post shore to surroundings of golf area, and constructing a new interchange station: Tagor West. The station incorporated newly built line and the ET shuttle, which got it terminus moved to one of station's sections, alongside with tram tracks. Later, the original ET tracks were demolished by Ugultu, and tram terminus was rebuilt to serve as loop station. Construction of the third section, between Tagor West and Waitton stations, planned to begin on June 28th, was interrupted by the Second Rogue Chunk Event on eastern territories of the server, and only a gateway for the tunnel and southern viaduct were completed. On July 2nd the construction of third section was launched. An underwater tunnel from Tagor to Waitton was built jointly by ParrotAntics and Ugultu. On July 3rd, 2018, entire line from Eston to Blackmonville was declared as operational.

On October 12th-14th the line was rerouted as the Tagor West station moved and upgraded to serve both RRC and RTN lines. Section from Tagor West to Waitton was reopened on October 13th, and new tunnel from Tagor West to Eston International was completed on October 14th, 2018.

On January 27th, 2019, players agreed in a referendum to change the name of Blackmonville station to Jennieville. Two days earlier a section between Jennieville and Garmasch-Cattlekirchen was completed, alongside the station and maintenance facility.


The line was built mostly in typical style of FWE - it runs mostly on stonebrick viaducts, supported by cross-shaped pillars. Tracks are laid on gravel flooring, except the stations, that utilize concrete. All length of the line is equipped by catenaries.


Code Name Co-ordinates Type Notes Status
ER 1 Eston International Terminus see page Operational
ER 2 Tagor West Interchange Interchange with RT East and Templer lines. Terminus for Cougar Line. Operational
ER 3 Waitton Pass-through Operational
ER 4 Jennieville Interchange Interchange with Far West Express line Operational
ER 5 Garmasch Cattlekirchen Terminus/Interchange Interchange with Snow Leopard line
Depot area


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