Express Lily (shortly EL, formerly Far West Express Line, FWEL) is an express railway line, constructed by ParrotAntics, with an assistance from Ugultu, connecting Dinnertime with further western lands. It is entirely operated by Redstone Railway Company.


The line runs through various altitudes, with some tunnels. Crossing rivers or lakes is possible due to 3-blocks wide bridges with cross-shaped pillars. Tracks are powered with redstone torches. Whole line has installed catenaries.

Sections between Dorklich and Los Vipleros are operated and mainly constructed by RRC, between Los Vipleros and Espero de Nubira line slowly turns into SRA style, between Espero de Nubira and Vina Tusca is entirely constructed by SRA.


Alongside with terminal stations, the line consists of 11 built, but 10 operational out of 13 planned stations.

Code Name (Location) Co-ordinates

(X - Z axis)

Type (platform type) Notes Status (building type) Style
EL 1 Dinnertime 9202 - 2376 Terminus Interchange with Lucek Memorial Line and Ocean Line Operational (rebuilt) Lucek Concrete (RRC)
EL 2 Clarksonville 8296 - 2166 Pass-through (side) Operational (original) Violatile (RRC)
EL 3 Cobulstown 8063 - 2201 Pass-through (side) Built as run-down station. Operational (original) N/A
EL 4 Heerree 7470 - 2349 Pass-through (side) Downfall-parody-related area Operational (original) Lucek Concrete (RRC)
EL 5 Ottoburg 6185 - 2313 Interchange (side) SRA-utilized station, planned to be exclave district of Sanostonburg related to railways. Operational (original) SRA Modern
EL 6 Strasburger 3159 - 2113 Interchange (island) Interchange with Cougar Line to Tagor (built) and Woodland Mansion (planned), and Snow Leopard Line (from Garmasch-Cattlekirchen to Exeter). Operational (original) Violatile (RRC)
EL 7 Jennieville 2206 - 2003 Interchange (side) Interchange with shuttle line to Eston Post. Operational (original) Modified Violatile (RRC)
EL 8 Garfield 200 - 2800 Pass-through (island) Former border station. Upgraded to serve as interchange with RT South Line. Operational (modified) Violatile (RRC)
EL 9 Realgar -787 - 2800 Interchange (side) Interchange with Toto Railway's Rosanna line Operational




EL 10 Los Vipleros Espresso -2800 - 2800 Interchange (single) Station got expanded to serve possible rail link to Canabai. Operational (original) SRA Western Side
EL 11 Espero de Nubira -4630 - 2800 Pass-through (side) Operational (original) Violatile (RRC)
EL 12 Santo Subito -7595 - 2835 Interchange (undefined) To be constructed SRA Modern
EL 13 Vina Tusca -9240 - 2710 Terminus (undefined) To be constructed SRA Victorian Terminus


Code Name (Location) Co-ordinates

(X - Z axis)

Type (platform type) Notes Status (building type) Style
FWEL-1 Dorklich LML 10515 - 1825 Terminus (half-island) Served both local and express lines due to 2 tracks for each platform. Interchange with the Lucek Memorial Line.

Removed due to chunk regeneration, although building is preserved as exhibit.

(original) Lucek Old (RRC)


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  • Strasburger's location has been changed three times.
  • Names of four last stations refer to fictional country called San Escobar, which is planned to be constructed on the server by ParrotAntics.
  • While section between Garfield and Los Vipleros was being built, Ugultu became an operator, as a result of this, he told ParrotAntics to leave rest of the line to be built by him. ParrotAntics released a statement that he did not agreed to shift operating the following section to SRA, he only agreed to build 3 stations. It was just a misunderstanding, as PA thought the SRA will become an operator of the line, not getting an Ugultu's operator rank under consideration.
  • Ottoburg is notorious for being the center of server-breaking bad chunk, which simultaneously happened with The Second Rogue Chunk Event and wasn't fixed until August 5th, 2018.

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