Fabula Aerial View
Aerial view of Fabula
Fabula Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of Fabula
General Information
Name Fabula
Type Homo village
Inspired by Tower of Mabula
Region Northeast
Count (Mayor) Fegelein1906

Fabula is a town built by Fegelein1906. Initially he planned on making only a pink version of the Tower of Mabula. However, Hans_Krebs suggested making a whole pink town.

Using pink and magenta hardened stained clay, Fegelein1906 then started adding houses around the the Fabula Tower and later even a pink temple. Some pink spruce trees were later also added to the town.

The town is situated just below the mountain on which the original Mabula Tower can be found.

Town name

The town name Fabula is a play on 'fabulous' and 'Mabula', the name of Molster's original tower, which is in turn a play on Dracula and Youtuber Mabus.

The flag, banners and coat of arms of the town are considered to be somewhat controversial as it depicts male genetalia. It has caused player JennieParker87 to be rather disturbed, despite helping Fegelein1906 with the flag.

The original flag had horizontal genetalia but JennieParker87 suggested making it vertical.


  • The idea to make a Fabula Tower was mainly for Fegelein1906 to practice his skills in using command blocks. The tower was almost completely built using commands.
  • Tudor was very upset upon realizing that Fabula does not contain a gay bar where he can dance.
  • A reasonable part of Fabula had to be rebuilt after a failed attempt of turning the leaves of the trees to pink wool caused a big part of the town to be erased.
  • There are pink sheep walking around Fabula called "Fabula Guardians".
  • Pigs can also be found named "Fabulans", the citizens of Fabula.