Falkenheim is a city under construction by Ugultu, AlphaSkyRaider and ParrotAntics. It's location is as same as it's predecessor, Dorklich. Dorklich was determined next to an NPC village called Port Lucek, discovered by ParrotAntics on April 12th, 2018. Not a lot of things are built in this city. But as the city progresses, more information will be added to this article.

KrebsLovesFiesh and ParrotAntics used to be the co-owners of the city until Krebs was banned. Then, Parrot became the only owner of the city. Since Sanostonburg annexed Dorklich in the Falkenheim uprising, Ugultu assigned ParrotAntics as the mayor of Falkenheim. Ugultu himself is the prime minister of Sanostonburg.



The history of Falkenheim began on April 12th, 2018, when ParrotAntics explored the far east lands (which later became Sector 6) and found an NPC village near the seashore. Because he needed areas for his then upcoming Lucek Memorial Line, he named the village Port Lucek. The memorials of having the station being estabilished was done on April 15th, 2018. Also... the construction of 2 stations of LML - Chicktato and Port Lucek - began in this period.


Construction of both stations and their section was done on April 19th, 2018. Krebs made a commemoration plaque to celebrate completion of LML despite having Dinnertime-Chicktato section unfinished. At the same time, Krebs made Dorklich Central railway station in the direct neighbourhood of Port Lucek terminal station. The station became instantly mocked for having 22 single-rail slots, none of them being occupied during completion day except the one starting on second floor, which was made to be the loop line terminal point. One day later, April 20th, Dinnertime-Chicktato rail bridge was finished and Lucek Memorial Line was declared as completed. At the same time Krebs explored lands beyond his planned city, just to getting over 25000 blocks away from world's central point.

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Transportation Instructions

By TP Hub: Find a teleporter booth called "Falkenheim".

By train: Take the Lucek Memorial Line (under reconstruction).

By road: Start your journey on Tagor-Morioh expressway and at the interchange run towards Laval. On Laval interchange turn right and run through Fegelein and Tarrantia, where at last major interchange you turn right and go all way straight (Falkenheim-Dinnertime section of EBE is under reconstruction).

Builds (Falkenheim)

Planned Builds

  • Old World Trade Center complex

Builds (Dorklich, all demolished or preserved at Sacramento)

Finished Builds

  • L19 Dorklich International Airport station buliding
  • L20 Dorklich LML station buliding
  • Customs & Immigration outpost
  • Redstone Railway Company East Headquarters
  • Dorklich International Airport
  • Dorklich Observatory Tower
  • Statue of a person with Dorklich flag colour scheme
  • Rainbow torch
  • Dorklich Central bus terminal

Builds Pending Completion (as of September 2018)

  • Dorklich Expressway
  • Dorklich Main Line
  • Main road system

Never built

  • Dorklich's Townhall
  • Houses
  • Map Hall
  • Fish farm (will commence construction after the 1.13 update is implemented)
  • Power plant
  • Sewer plant
  • Water pumping station
  • Statue of ParrotAntics
  • Office of Fish and Maps
  • Hall of Paying Tribute to Untergangers

Demolished earlier

  • Embassy of Canabai (transferred to Fegelein)
  • Dorklich Central railway station


Gallery (Falkenheim Era)

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Gallery (Dorklich Era)


  • On June 29th, 2018 the site fell under The Second Rogue Chunk Event circumstances, as several chunks were misplaced due to server's memory issues.
  • ParrotAntics usually describes the city as Falcon Nest, a phrase which is literal translation of word Falkenheim. Ugultu agreed to use as codename.
    • Yet the site in October 11th, 2018, was to be originally named Falkenhaynstadt, as this was the name coined up by Gaker73 to commemorate German WWI general Erich von Falkenhayn.