Fegelein is a rather new city founded by players AlphaSkyRaider and Ugultu (originally established by ParrotAntics as a Lucek Memorial Line station). It is located just west of Tarrantia, separated by a bay.


After Alpha finished Morioh, a city he co-founded with player Gamingmaster000, he had plans to make a city that allowed for players to build whatever they wanted, as long as it wasn't a shitpost, similar to Unterganger City. Player Ugultu expressed interest in the project, and greatly helped with the development of the city. A little while later, a senate of all contributors of Fegelein was formed, after player NerdieSanders upgraded the existing city hall in the Fegeldorf (Main) district.


Fegeldorf (Main) District

  • Fegelein Town Hall
  • Victory Park
  • August Raids Memorial
  • Parrot Office
  • Fegelein Railway Station
  • Orange Building
  • Apartmentbunker
  • Lag Lagoon
  • Fort Strad
  • Several other office buildings
  • German residences

Ursula Peninsula

  • Port Authority Office
  • Ferrari Dealership
  • Burger Dorf
  • Gaker's House
  • Delphox's House
  • Colonel Cortez Port
  • Bonkers Tower
  • Fegelein Teleport Station

Embassy District

Skyscraper District

  • Millenium Stander Skyscraper
  • Rascal Tower
  • Doof Tower
  • Autoroute 911
  • Cake Tower
  • School Shooting Tower
  • Academy Restaurant
  • Kesselring Dealership

South Nobitown (Random) District

  • Doraemon no Uta
  • Doraemon Pixel Arts
  • Ugultu's House
  • RMPBunker
  • Beom's House
  • Nebbercracker House
  • Drew's House
  • Fast Donkey Dispenser
  • TNT Pixel Art
  • Eternal Peace Chapel
  • Eternal Peace Cemetery

North Nobitown (Random) District

  • Pancake's House

Pixelart District

  • Delphox Pixelart

Redstone District

  • Slendi's Calculator

Bikini Bottom

  • Spongebob's House

Pancake's Island

  • To Be Added



Deputy Mayor




  • Fegelein is the first and only city so far where city development is mostly decided by all contributors of Fegelein. The following includes:
    • Deciding where certain builds should go.
    • If a building should be approved or not.
    • If a player should be allowed into the senate or not.
    • Build disputes between senators.
    • Random fun senate meetings.
  • Banned players Molster (now unbanned and known as “kimilil”) and Shadow_Briton are sometimes jokingly counted as senators, due to the former's build being copied and restored in Fegelein and the latter having an island with a pixel art of his old username BritishDolfy17.
  • Neo and KrebsLovesFiesh used to be senators of Fegelein until they got banned.
  • Fegelein is the founding place of the fast food chain Burger Dorf, which is the UMS version of Burger King, and a wordplay on the Downfall character Burgdorf. Burger Dorf has since expanded out to multiple cities including:
  • There has been over 10 minor/major modifications to town hall since it was copied from Sanostonburg.