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Server operator
Funding contributor
Player Fegel06
General Information
Minecraft Name Fegelein1906
Unterganger Name DictatorAntics
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Nationality Dutch
Joined June 2013

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Fegelein1906 (YouTube name DictatorAntics, with older name 20EuroCent) is one of the players of the Unterganger Minecraft Server. He is better known by his YouTube name (often abbreviated to DA). He is credited to creating the server world on June 2013.

He, along with Hans_Krebs, established Athyras to be their shared exclusive build area where other players were mostly not allowed to build. In early April he abolished this rule and gave others permission to build in Athyras aswell. He does however, still want it to stay a realistic and well-organized city and he does not allow odd structures to be build within Athyras. Players also have to stick to the city divisions.

As owner of the UMS

He owned and hosted the server world files on his laptop up until February 2014, when the First Server Downtime took place. Due to frustration and lack of success with fixing the server, he uploaded the server world files for someone else to fix and host instead and subsequently gave up ownership of the files of the server that's currently running.

In Early April he made his first visit to the server since handing it over to procrastinator. After playing Minecraft again for some months he lost motivation again, only to return in the summer of 2015 which lead to a massive building boom amongst the players on the UMS.


The following are titles conferred onto Fegelein1906:

Title Conferred by Reason
First UMS President self Founder of the server and previously maintaining it
Founder of the Nation self Founder the server and previously maintaining it
Warden of Athyras State Prison self Building the prison
Deputy Mayor of Athyras self Co-founder of the city
Town Master of Eragoth self Founder
King of the Great Pyramid (Washington's Pyramid) self Builder
Judge of Athyras Courthouse self Builder of Courthouse
Khal/Warlord of Morin Khot self Founder
Master of Coins self Making the most donations to the financial upkeep of the server
Chief of Medicine self Placing the Athyras Hospital
Fashion Designer for the Parker Design Branch self Making the clothes for the store
Manager of the Athyras McDonalds self Placing the McDonalds in Athyras
CEO of DA Industries self Building the Neptune Offices
Manager of City Wok self Builder
Apprentice Magician Molster Basic knowledge of command blocks
Count of Fabula self Founder of Fabula
Bey of Nogaybak Hans_Krebs Assistance with town construction
Deputy Mayor of Eydis JennieParker87 Assistance with town construction
Duke of Saint Piggersburg self Founding the town (with MTM )
Grand Master of the Order of Creepers and Bonemeal rumours Allegedly founding the organization
Council Chairman of Skyborg self Founder
Chief of Athyras fire department self Building the fire department
Director of the State Bank of Athyras self Building the bank
Archbishop of the St. Piggersburg Church self Building the orthodox church
Rabbi of the Athyras Synagogue self Building the synagogue
Priest of the Athyras Church self Building the church

List of builds

The following shows tables with structures from Fegelein1906 throughout the UMS.

Towns / Cities

Town Location
Skyborg Cloud town, Outer East Region
Eragoth Swamp town, Central Region
Morin Khot Savage camp, South East Region
Fabula Pink town, East Region
Athyras (Co-founded by Hans_Krebs) City, Athyras (West) Region
Saint Piggersburg (Co-founded by MTM ) Russian town, Outer East Region

Athyras builds

Most of Fegelein1906's work can be found in his city.

Build Location
Prismarine State Bank of Athyras Governmental District
Athyras Courthouse Old Town (Historical District)
Athyras State Prison Old Town (Historical District)
Lego Factory Industrial District
Public Library of Athyras Public District
Ministry of Defense Governmental District
Ministry of General Affairs & Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment Governmental District
Dutch embassy Governmental District
Ministry of Finances & Ministry of Economical Affairs Governmental District
Athyras Power Plant Industrial District
Athyras Cake Factory Industrial District
Takei Tower Commercial District
Athyras Church and Graveyard Old Town (Historical District)
Athyras Fort Old Town (Historical District)
Athyras Wall Eastern border of Athyras
CN Tower Commercial District
Athyras Neptune Offices Commercial District
Athyras Central Park (co-built with Tudor) Park District
McDonalds Commercial District
City Wok Restaurant Commercial District
Parking lot Commercial District
Windmill Old Town (Historical District)
Roman Statues Old Town (Historical District)
Archery Range Old Town (Historical District)
Various watchtowers Old Town (Historical District)
Various houses Old Town (Historical District)
Beach Commercial District
Construction site Commercial District
Brothel Commercial District
Unplanned Parenthood (Abortion clinic) Commercial District
Les Bos (Lesbian Bar) Commercial District
Fire Department Commercial District
Athyras Harbour Industrial District
Glassblowing shop Industrial District
Waste depot Industrial District
Greenhouse Industrial District
Athyras Pipeline Industrial District
Apartment buildings Lower Class Area
Pimpledon Tennis Stadium Public Disitrct
Large part of Athyras' infrastructure Athyras
Athyras Cinema Public District
Athyras Public Pool Public District
Athyras Synagogue Public District
Various houses Middle Class Area
M's Little Headgear Shop Public District

Other notable builds

Town Location
Temple of the Bald Priest (Co-built with Gokyr586 ) Central Region
HMS Long Johnson Skyborg, Outer East Region
Town Master Palace Eragoth, Central Region
DA's Castle (Fegelein1906's former residence and spawn) Central Region
Various flags Central Regon
DA's Watchtower (First building) Central Region
M's Little Headgear Shop Luminosity, Central Region
Pumpkin Pyramid Central Region
Cobblestone Pyramid Central Region
Washington's Pyramid South Region
Turkey pixel art Central Region
Strait of Baldacca North West Region
Shops in Stix Mall Eydis, South Region
Fabula Tower (Pink clone of Mabula Tower) East Region