The First Server Downtime was an event that began on 4 February 2014. Players began experiencing "io.netty" timeouts when trying to connect to the server and eventually, not being able to connect at all. Several theories were brought up on whether the server became corrupted, what caused it (the most popular theory was DA's laptop charger malfunction happening on the same day the timeouts started) and how to fix it. After a week of trials and errors, MTM and procrastinator  managed to get the world to load, but it was still unstable and crashes occasionally.

On 19 Feb 2014 Molster finally get the world to run without crashing. The root cause of the problem was attributed to 40,000 porkchops in one chunk spawned by one of MTM's contraptions that overloaded MC as well as any external editor from which fixing attempts were made. This has since been resolved after Molster used an external application to remove the overly abundant entities. A similar incident also caused the Second Server Downtime.

The recovery of the server's functionality closely coincides with Fegelein1906's birthday. Unfortunately, in the chaos that is the Revolution, pranks set up for Fegelein1906 quickly turned into a desecration of his castle, with the place now left empty as a memorial.