General Information
Minecraft Name Gaker73
Nickname(s) “unmessager,” “Gay car,” Gaker, Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung, Kei-car37
Unterganger Name Gaker73
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Nationality Canadian
Joined July 14, 2018

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Gaker73 is an Unterganger from Canada, he joined the server on July 14, 2018.

His known works are:


  • On Discord, he has gained notoriety for deleting his messages, several times. He also deleted one [YouTube] video and attempted to delete one comment. On the UMS Discord, he was given the nickname "Constantly annoyed unmessager" due to this, later on, it was shortened to ”unmessager” as the ”constantly annoyed-“ is perceived as dead. However, after some changes, his current nickname on the UMS is the Japanese translation of “Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung,” which means “range check error.”
  • He’s currently a MAN NG272 on Discord.
  • He is also notorious for [mostly] prioritizing on auto infrastructures on the UMS, which leads to Laval being mocked for its expressways and highways.

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