Garfield is a small town located south to Unterganger City, founded on June 30th, 2018 jointly by ParrotAntics and Ugultu as theme town and location for RRC maintained Far West Express Line station.

Name is derived from the name of orange, black-striped, fat cat, a title character of Jim Davis' comic strip series.


The town is located on the plains, The main building of the town (as of September 2018) is the railway station building made of dark oak, that was meant to be a border station before entering the area of San Escobar, but that plans were scrapped and customs office was never finished in process. Eventually, the station was heavily modified to maintain two railway slots instead of one.

Further of the station, near the seashore, a giant pixelart of Garfield presents itself as local landmark. Also, other buildings in the town are built in form of lasagna, Garfield's favourite dish.


Future plans