GMIS view from tracks

Sunrise view with the crop fields on either side of CNR Peridot/Icarus tracks.

And NerdieSanders had to photobomb this shot.

“Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker”
―George Miller

The George Miller Irrigation Scheme is a system of irrigation and drainage channels built to irrigate and drain rice fields. It is built my kimilil with help by NerdieSanders east of Altholz, along the CNR Peridot/Icarus tracks. Construction started around September 2018 and finished in mid-October.

A farming kampung meant to accompany the fields is expected to begin construction in mid-October, with Malay agrarian style in mind.


kimilil pitched an idea to NerdieSanders of a proper irrigation scheme for planting paddy, after reading some publications by UN Food and Agriculture Organization. He also want to invoke the scale of engineering that went into a similar IRL scheme in Kuala Selangor, an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He chose a site in the vicinity of Altholz in line of the latter's aspiration to make the town the breadbasket of Canabai, if not of the whole UMS.


The irrigation scheme consists of a reservoir, which fed irrigation channels that in turn supply water to individual parcels of land separated with each other by bunds. Gates control the flow of water into each irrigation channel. Typically two rows of parcels drain into a single drainage channel that drains water away into either a lake to the north or a river to the south. The drainage channel is always lower than the irrigation channel to facilitate flow of water, but not steep enough as to erode the fields, In fact, bunds are built to ensure water level can be controlled across different areas of the field with different elevations.

The irrigation system is designed so that the water level in each parcel can be controlled, because a steadily inundated rice field is crucial for the growth of paddy and deters growth of weeds.




  • kimilil named the scheme after its practical completion, and named it after George Miller aka FilthyFrank in reference to that one scene. You know which one...
  • A farming community is to be built to work these fields. kimilil decided to build a Malay kampung outside of Altholz town, inside an enclosed compound (hence how English got the word) with houses that adopt Malay architecture.
    • While serving a practical purpose, the kampung if built would also be a revival of a similar old plan of a Malay town of Taming Sari to showcase Malay architecture from different regions.
  • As part of the scheme, a Central Granary tower was built in Altholz to store grain. As it stands between the rice fields and the vanilla MC-style farming plots closer to Altholz proper it was decided to use neutral style for this building