Gokyr chills out
Gokyr chilling out.
General Information
Minecraft Name Gokyr586
Nickname(s) Gok, Goky, "Goku"
Unterganger Name Venkyra21
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Nationality Singaporean
Joined September 2014

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Gokyr586 (YouTube name Venkyra21) is a player on the Unterganger Minecraft Server who joined on September 2014. He is a player who prefers exploring the server rather than building stuff, although he gets himself lost sometimes.

He first started off using the default textures in Minecraft, but after he joined another server belonging to a friend, he started using the John Smith Legacy texture pack. Later, he stopped using texture packs altogether, preferring the original Minecraft look.

He would usually fall into the Void to kill himself as a shortcut to get back to his spawn point (i.e. his house) due to his laziness in travelling far distances.

His activity on the server has dwindled since around mid to late 2015, mainly due to lack of inspiration. His laptop also can no longer withstand Minecraft i.e. it now overheats when running Minecraft as compared to when he first joined the server, hence he has avoided joining the server to prevent his laptop from overheating. Though he has since gotten a new laptop in June 2018, whether he'll return is another question.


List of completed builds

List of pixel arts

  • Kamen Rider Zangetsu pixel art
  • TARDIS pixel art
  • Goebbels-Skeletor pixel art
  • Phoenix Wright pixel art
  • F-word glow-in-the-dark text mural