Great Ziggurat of Ur Mom
Ziggurat at night
Front view of the ziggurat at night.
General Information
Completed on March 2014
Architecture Mesopotamian
Location Unterganger City Outskirts
Built by Molster

The Great Ziggurat of Ur Mom is a replica of the Ziggurat of Ur as reconstructed in modern times. It's built by Molster and is located east of Unterganger City, close to MTM's Quartz Temple and the Unterganger Minecraft Server Headquarters. Inside the ziggurat are chambers for the priests.

The ziggurat is listed as one of the UMS Seven Wonders, under the Four Temples.

The name is a pun.


  • The idea to build a ziggurat replica came to Molster after he saw the Mindcrack Museum of Season 4, which was also based on the same real-life ziggurat.