The Greater Wall of Athyras is a tall wooden structure that straddles between the Unterganger City and Athyras. The design for the wall is inspired by a picture of another wall found by fegelein1906. The section seperating Athyras' Historical District from Unterganger City was mainly built by Hans_Krebs, while later the biggest part of the wall was finished by fegelein1906.

The original extent of the Wall was from Hue Island to the Cow Museum. At the time no walls physically mark Athyras' northern extent. This created ambiguities, which later turned into a dispute as Molster started on his Malay Old Town - Hans_Krebs claimed the land was part of Athyras, since it was already flattened for the expansion of the city. Eventually the dispute is resolved by extending the wall northward to the bank of the River Spree. Land between Spree and Baldic Sea was also supposedly ceded to Molster, but then retaken by Hans_Krebs for Slender Forest National Park. With the unveiling of the plan of Greater Athyras, the wall was to extend southward until it reaches a lake connected to the River Elbe, and a grand gate was to be built - the first planned crossing between the two sides. These were executed shortly after.

The original stretch didn't have any gates, apart from the point when it crosses over the River Spree. With the northward extension, a small gate was constructed allowing for the first time a road crossing between the two sides. Later another gate was carved into the existing structure south of the Wall's river crossing, modeled after the first gate, and the Krebs Street was built leading to it. The southward expansion saw the construction of the grand Madoka Gate; a main axis road led to it from Athyras's side, and the road on the East side leads to the Spleef Arena.