UMS downtime Trio

The specifics, condensed into one image.

The Halloween Downtime (chronologically the Eighth Server Downtime) is another server downtime, occurring less than a month after the previous Upgrade Downtime. It started on the latter part of Sunday, 28 October 2018 and ended on Saturday, 10 November 2018. This downtime coincided with Halloween in the middle of the week, putting off players who were anticipating Halloween-themed builds and antics in the server.

This downtime is basically Upgrade Downtime 2: Electric Boogaloo – NerdieSanders made changes to the server (in this case, disabling a rail plugin), which causes MultiCraft to act up and refuse to restart, and Server Saviour RDPIsOnCrack was again busy with his seemingly neverending midterms.

The issue was expected to be resolved on the weekend after the start. This is however only a conjecture as Nerdie and Chapo have been silent about the issue, even more so than in the previous downtime. That weekend (3-4 November) passed without a resolution, and the server seemed to be down for another week, on path of putting it directly on par with the previous downtime in terms of duration.

In light of this repetitive Nerdie-induced downtimes, kimilil proposed a procedure change in the administering of the server:

  1. Matters pertaining to plugins should get 3 OP's endorsements to proceed.
    1. This is to prevent sudden, unilateral changes. They might work, or in our current case, they might not. We shouldn't take this risk.
  2. Server changes however minor should be scheduled to the end of the week (Friday).
    1. This is so that if any problems arise there'll be several OPs in their free time available to troubleshoot and resolve matters.
  3. Scheduled time of server change should coincide with Ned and Chapo's free time. If either of them are occupied or otherwise unavailable for any of the weekend days then changes should be postponed to the next weekend.

The server came back online on the later part of 10 November 2018, with a downtime duration of 13 days total.